Metal Gear Solid Raiden Cosplay Costume Armor Suit

Metal Gear Solid Raiden Cosplay Costume Armor Suit

Item No.: SQ-MGS
The Metal Gear Solid Raiden costume is mainly made of high density Eva and car paint. 1:1 life-size wearable Metal Gear Solid suit.

Metal Gear Solid Raiden Cosplay Costume Armor Suit









Materials High density EVA and car paint.
Technics Handmade
Production time around 30-40 days, depend on orders.
Performers Adults unisex

Made to measure

Customized Yes
Color Lifelike or customized.




How to maintenance it?


The maintenance is easy. You can repair most of the common damage with:


1. Hot glue gun – Please practice and get familiar with hot glue gun before you try to amend or repair the suit.
2. Utility Knife – You can certainly do some small adjustment to make the suit fit your movement better by cutting off where you feel particular blocking without affecting the look of the suit.
3. Hair drier – Please be cautious that the heat of the hot air will aggregate to a high temperature and melt EVA and hot glue!! We do recommend that you get familiar with your hair drier’s performance.
4. Auto spray paint –Please be cautious that one color of auto spray paint may contaminate another color therefore you must cover other color parts before you spray paint a certain color.
5. Auto spray wax – make your armor more shinny. Pleasure do not spray too much wax on your suit.




We usually use carton box or wooden box to pack the costume.


 1. We usually ship by DHL/FexEx/TNT/UPS/EMS.

 2. For a big robot costume, we usually ship it to the airport. It is cheaper than shipping to your door.