SuperQueen are Prefessional in Making Simulation Dinosaur and Dinosaur Costumes,Animatronic Dinosaurs and Animals,Cosplay Armor Costumes

About Us

SuperQueen is a leading innovative reputable branded Studio in China since 2006. It is a highly focused research and develop a diverse range of entertaining products and amazing creations within the ANIMATRONIC DINOSAUR,dinosaur costume, and other simulation products,also include the popular new custom cosplay costumes: transformers costume, iron man costume etc. 

SQ has many years experience in the production of costumes and performance planning experience, can produce a variety of film and television, animation, COSPLAY,

Theatrical Costume props, etc., Always have been in the forefront of innovation and entertainment.We can not only provide new entertainment products, we can also provide planning all kinds of business performance, organizational planning.

Please continue to focus us, discover the latest innovative entertainment products.We are not the biggest company , also not the most famous brand in the world , but we are at the top of the market.We can be your trustworthy supplier in China.

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